T580 reporting on duty
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LotusRC developed T580, a quad motor platform which can be used for flying, FPV (First Person View) ,aerial filming or photography. The main components and functions of the T580 are:
Aircraft dimensions in mm:
top view
lateral view
bottom view
1 - The T580 Quadcopter is a high precision four-rotor aircraft designed for stable recreational flight and aerial photography.
2 - The aircraft arrives fully built and flight tested. However, to ship it to you the landing gear and propellers had to be dismantled - a 15 minute reassembly job.
3 - To get this unit flying, you will need your RC Gear (at least 4 Channel Receiver) and 3s1p LiPo battery (2200mAh). The T580 is compatible with all known remote controls PPM or PPC modulation in frequency range of 35Mhz, 40Mhz, 72Mhz and 2.4Ghz like Spektrum, JR, Sanwa, Futaba, Hi-TEC.
4 - Lift is achieved using four high efficiency 12 x 06 inch propellers with direct drive 600KV brushless motor and maximum lifting efficiency of 12g per Watt.
5 - The T580 utilizes a high-performance MEMS sensor for 6 DOF stabilization with low drift. Altitude hold is achieved via an integrated barometric sensor.
6 - The T580 can take off and land vertically, hover, altitude hold, fly left, right, forward and back with ease.
7 - Upgrading this basic quadcopter for aerial photography is easy via plug-n-play camera mount and stabilization system. If you want to buy these upgrades, check LotusRC website.
8 - The fuzzy logic algorithm, the aircraft stabilization is proprietary and intellectually protected worldwide. The T580 system has been fully field tested and intuitively easy to fly.
9 - There are 4 units integrated brushless motors, 12 A maximum load each. Motors are gradually turned off if overloading is detected by the ESCs. Flight controller have six high-performance MEMS transducer to achieve the stable, reliable and drift-free stabilization and is ready for PTZ stabilization in the next firmwares versions.
T580 a heritage's family
T580 and big brother
The T580 arrived in a shell of foam so no damage at all for the quad. The assembly takes no more than 10 minutes: mounting the landing gear, propellers, receiver, batterry and the cover. I made some modifications of the electronics: i separate the two PCBs with ESCs, so the air will cool them better. Also I replaced all ESC's capacitors wit h new ones: 1000uf/35V, that improved the good functioning of them. Also i used some fiberglass tape to reenforce the carbon fiber arms, so the vibrations from the motors are now infime.

A big problem of the
T580 remains cooling of the electronics, so in some moments, unexpected, the T580 flipped down. I never explained that and i supposed that the temperature inside the dome are increasing exponentially, causing this kind of comportament.
T580 video on YouTube
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T580 is a platform for the begginers in multicopter flying, very stable and easy to fly. Recomended by the experts in FPV's and aerial shooting like a good start for it. ESC's and motors very well optimized for long flights
The dome does not have ventilation, so a lot of problems comes from here.
T580 China price about 400$
LotusRC - www.lotusrc.com
Thank you Yin from LotusRC who send us T580, Geoff from the quadcopters.co.uk the man that got the Quad through Customs for the EU testers, all the crew on the T580 skype channel and RCG forum who supported us !